World Cup tickets for Sale – RUN!!



Everybody who loves soccer can now celebrate, because the World Cup tickets is already available for those who are living in Brazil.  Last Monday, FIFA (International Football Fedaration) has announced the pre-sales on its website.

In this first moment only . There are 26.000 VIP tickets (the most expensive ones, indeed) available only to the customers of VISA credit card, but if you are one of those who can pamper yourself with such thing,  there are some benefits such as: private buffet, valet parking, multilingual hostessesbar tables etc.  How about the pices? It  ​​ranges from US$ 590 (R$ 1,189) to US$ 4,543 (R $ 9,086).

For the grandstand the tickets will be probably begin to be sold in August 2013, but the prices are not set yet. Anyways,  if you are living in Brazil and have a VISA credit card click here to buy your V-I-P tickets. 😀




2 thoughts on “World Cup tickets for Sale – RUN!!

  1. Eu quero muito ir aos jogos da Mundial mais nao sou brasileira entao tenho que esperar um pouco mais tempo…. 🙂 Obrigada por a informacao.

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