Saying “Thank you” in Portuguese

Oi gente! Tudo bem? 😀

To start this week we brought to you a quick Portuguese tip. 🙂 Do you know how to say “thank you” in Portuguese?

Probably you already heard the word “Obrigado” or maybe “Obrigada”. This is how we say “thank you”, but which is correct? I tell you: BOTH. 😀

If you are a man you must say: OBRIGADO.

If you are a woman: OBRIGADA.


Even some brazilians don’t know that, but “Obrigado/ Obrigada is a reduced form for this sentence: “Eu estou obrigada(o) a lhe retribuir o favor.” (I am obliged to repay you the favor.)

Sometimes you can also listen to people contracting these words saying “brigada” or “brigado”. It more informal.

He are some other variations:


If someone thank you something, you reply it just sayind: DE NADA! 😉


— Obrigada por me ajudar. (Thank you for help me.)

— De nada!

That’s it! 😉

Obrigada por visitar o nosso blog! (Thank you for visitar o nosso blog!)



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