How to say “GET OUT OF HERE!” in Portuguese?

“VOU CAIR FORA” Do you understand this expression?

“Cair fora” literaly means “drop out”/ “fall out”. Eg: As frutas caíram fora do saco. The fruits dropped out of the bag.
but in Portuguese when someone uses this expression it also can mean “get out of here”:

Vamos cair fora daqui! Só eu e você. (Let’s get out of here! Just me and you.)
Vou cair fora! (I’m gonna get out of here)


Another way to say it is “DAR O FORA”:

Ele precisa dar o fora daqui! (He needs to get out of here!)

DAR O FORA e CAIR FORA can be used in the same situation when you want to say “get out of here”. Now let’s see it using the imperative:

Dê o fora daqui! (Get out of here!)

Caia/Cai fora daqui! (Get out of here!) 😛


  • Pega o beco!
  • Capa o gato!

I bet you didn’t know these! =P

Now that you have learned it, “NAO caia fora daqui!” 😉 Take a look at our last posts and keep learning Portuguese with us!


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