Express your feelings in Portuguese

There’s nothing worse than think or feel something and can not express it into words, especially if these words are in other language. So today we are going to help you to express you feelings in Portuguese! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Are you happy? Are you excited? Are you pissed off? So say it out loud in Portuguese! hehe


Let’s start with these common expression “AI QUE + xxxx”. When we want to say something about what we are looking at, listening to or just feeling that moment, we can use “AI QUE + adjective”

Eg: AI QUE NOJENTO! or AI QUE NOJO! (Something disgusting)

cara de nojo


AI QUE SACO! or DROGA! To say that you’re boring or sick of something.

Ai que saco. Nao tem nada legal pra fazer hoje. (Damm it! There´s nothing cool to do today.)


AI QUE RAIVA!! Say it when you are really, really angry.

ai que raiva

If you are excited about something or if you think there’s something really good,  you can use:

“AI QUE TUDO!”, “AI QUE IRADO!” or “AI QUE MASSA” (just like our blog!)


Diego: Carla, eu consegui nossos ingressos pro show do Paul Mccartney!

Carla: Sério?! AI QUE TUDO! Obrigada, Diego!!


If you wanna sound even more natural, you can skip the “AI” and say only “QUE TUDO! QUE IRADO!” 😉

And if you have a friend who really gets you tickets(for free!) to go to your favorite singer/band concert I must to say to you:

CARAMBA! or NOSSA!(Noooooossa!) INCRÍVEL! Look at my face:


Now imagine that someone called you to say that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, but you really trust him/her. Could you believe that? So you start to think about it and ask yourself:

SERÁ POSSÍVEL? (Is it possible?) 


Será possível? Or maybe the last picture(CARAMBA!) is more appropriate…hehe

If you are in doubt about something, use “SERÁ POSSÍVEL?” or “SERÁ?” to demonstrate that you’re not totally sure, but you’re thinking about it. 😉

I really hope nobody here will be cheated 😉 but if it happens, you will feel like: CHATEADA.

Actually, this expression to show you’re pissed off  about something. It’s an “internet hit” among brazilians specially after a famous soap-opera called AVENIDA BRASIL which was on TV last year. They made a meme of its protagonist using #xatiada (“X” instead of CH is not gramatically correct to write this word) and it is still famous on internet.

Eg. Sininhos está chateada.



Now let’s see some expressions using the verb “ESTAR” to show how are you feeling (click to conjugate the verb) .


Eg: Eu estou com sono. (I’m sleepy)


Ele está com sono.



Eg: Eu estou apaixonado por você. (I’m in love with you)



Eg: Estou cansada de limpar tudo sozinha. (I’m tired of cleaning everything alone.)


Ela está cansada.


And I really hope you’re feeling GREAT(ótimo/ótima) after reading this post 😉

Até mais! See you!


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